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Prolific Junior Summer Academy

UPDATE:   WE GOT APPROVAL:  THE START DATE WILL BE JUNE 22nd!   See Covid protocols at the bottom of this web page.

Prolific JUNIOR Summer Academy is an extension of the Prolific Prep Academy.  The Prolific Junior Summer Program is for the Elementary and Middle School aged student.   The program starts JUNE 22nd and runs till August 14th.   It is very important the development of a young basketball player follow a sequential skill program to increase the player’s chance for success at the higher levels.  The Prolific Junior Summer Academy staff has all played and coached at the college level, with multiple of our trainers just finishing up their professional careers.   Do not get caught in the pattern where AAU travel basketball is your primary foundation for individual skill improvement.

Don't get caught up in the AAU TRAP of just playing/practicing with your AAU team.  You will end up quite disappointed.  Have Prolific Junior Academy be the backbone for your improvement.   With over 50+ workouts over a 2-month period, there is no better program to do this summer than the Prolific Junior Summer Academy.   The key to our success:  High-level trainers, mixed with daily consistency in working the proper fundamentals for basketball.

*Please note if you have a very high-level Middle School Student and want to try and test up to the Prolific Summer Program (for high school and above), please contact us directly to set up a conference call (707) 849-1212.

(707) 849-1212

Prolific Junior Academy Offers 3 Programs:

(a) ALL-STAR:   The "All-Star" program includes a morning skill development training workout @Napa Christian, followed by a mid-day Strength and Conditioning Workout @ Franco Fitness (4x per week: (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday) (Basically 2 Workouts Per Day)

(b) ALL-LEAGUE:   The "All-League" program includes a morning skill development training workout @ Napa Christian.  (1 Workout Per Day)

(c) HALL of FAME (Boarding or Commuter Full Day):   The "Hall of Fame" program includes a full day of training for your son/daughter.   You cannot sign up online for this program.  You must call to check availability and to tailor a program for your needs.  (3 Workouts Per Day)

*Skill Workouts: 9am-10:20am @ Napa Christian
*Strength and Conditioning Workouts:  12:45pm-2pm @ Franco Fitness.
*Students may bring a lunch/snack and rest on stage between the morning skill workout and strength and conditioning workout at Franco Fitness. 

                            Napa Christian: 2201 Pine Street.  Napa, CA 
                               Franco Fitness:  650 Cabot Way.  Napa, CA 

Sample Daily Schedule

10:30am-12pm          Prolific Class #2:  Total Skill Work
                                             (All League Sign ups only)
1pm-2pm            Strength and Conditioning
                                            (Franco Fitness for All-Star ONLY Sign-ups)

                                                 (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Friday)

PRICING: Click Below to sign up for one of our options

*Please note that all Prolific Prep skill training camps and clinics are staffed and ran by Global Sports Innovation, LLC/Green Room Training.